HAPA Transport BV

Time and quality are for everybody of vital importance. The "secret" of an efficient delivery is to make it in due time and in conditioned circumstances. To reach this, you cooperate with a transporter that is a strong link inside the network you operate.

 Hapa Transport BV offers the best logistical solutions for conditioned transport, being able to satisfy even the most exigent requirements of transporting any conceivable goods.

Besides thinking in our interest, Hapa Transport BV wants to be also a relieble and a long term partner. We are a radiant organisation which has a great experience in dealing with the clients and in making them fully satisfied of their choice. We can guarantee the best quality of our services because for many years, night and day, we've been to our clients' disposition. Meantime, we managed to gain a wide experience and, therefore, we can provide you a professional answer to all your questions.